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MaxiForce Light Removable (MR) Bollard, Round (R) Body, Wrench (W) Operated, Round Style 2 (RS2) Head, Universal (U) Base, 5" Pipe Size, Mild Carbon Steel Material

This unit is MaxiForce's 5" Light Removable Round Style Wrench Operated Bollard. It removes from the ground to be completely out of the path of vehicles or pedestrians. The bollard is mounted in a base unit which is secured in the ground. It is operated by a patented fire hydrant wrench operation that works with most standard fire hydrant wrenches by first turning the hydrant nut 1/4 of an inch to unlock the unit and then by lifting the bollard body from the base. To reinstall the bollard, simply slide the bottom tube of the bollard body back into the base unit and the bollard will automatically lock back into place. This unit includes a Round Style 2 Head and a Universal Base.


A Round Style 2 MaxiForce head is for 5" round units only. It is a simple domed cap that sits atop the round bollard units to cover the top. This is a bolt-on style head (not welded) that can be removed and is interchangeable with other MaxiForce bolt-on style heads.


The Universal Base is the most flexible of all bases in the MaxiForce product line. It accepts both collapsible and light weight removable units (both padlock and wrench operable). This base allows the end user the ability to change between collapsible and light weight removable solutions without having to change bases. The Universal base is larger than the other bases and includes a 10" x 10" top plate. In applications where both collapsible and light weight removable units are utilized, this base allows for a uniform look across both types.


note: a padlock is not included with the unit and must be provided by the customer

Product kit parts

QTY(1) -  Removable Round Wrench Operated Body (MRRW)
QTY(1) -  Round Style 2 Head (RS2)
QTY(1) -  Universal Base (U)


Lead time: 2-3 Weeks

Height: 28.25" (71.755 cm)
Ground Clearance: N/A

Bollard Weight: 47 lbs (21.32 kg)
Base Weight: 28 lbs (12.7 kg)
Assembly Weight: 75 lbs (34.02 kg)