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MaxiForce Removable Bollards come in unique 3” by 6” rectangular styles and a 5” round bollards design. Both models have multiple styles to choose from based on your planned applications.

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See our entire Removables line and sort by feature, function, application and more.

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MaxiForce Light Removable bollards are unlike anything in the bollard marketplace. Superior engineering makes for a bollard offering a high level of security while at the same time allowing personnel to move the unit easily.

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MaxiForce Standard Removable bollards offer a high level of protection with a manual removables operation. Engineered to minimize steel usage, the units are as light as possible requiring only 8" of lifting for most units. Choose from Hinge Top and Heavy Duty bases.

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Variety of
Head Styles

Choose from several rounded and square styles



Two bodies — a 3x6” rectangular shape and a 5” round — are engineered for easy removal by authorized personnel



Secure with a padlock and when the bollard is removed, our base top plate is flush with the paved surface


Multiple Head
Styles Available

Choose from a diverse lineup of head styles


Body Radius

Standard Removables come in several sizes from 3” to 10”


Heavy Duty and
Hinge Top Base

Choose from two base styles to suit your needs including the “hingetop” base for easy removal and locking

Time Matters

When lives are on the line, time matters. Choose a bollard from any other company and emergency personnel have two choices: waste precious time removing a bollard, or damage it (and their equipment) getting through. The patented mechanism on the MaxiForce Collapsible allows the bollard to be “laid down” without damaging the unit, footer, vehicles, or concrete foundations.

Refurbishment Program

Like anything in life, bollards can lose their luster over time. MaxiForce offers the industry’s only refurbishment program. Need your bollards refurbished? We make it simple to swap out your old bollards for new ones. Contact us here

AHJ Approved

Authority Having Jurisdictions (AHJs) all over the country recommend MaxiForce Collapsibles due to our one-of-a-kind breakaway insert. Architects love us for the easy approvals and end users love us for peace of mind!

For Architects

MaxiForce Collapsibles are the easy choice for architects and specifiers looking to provide a no-friction experience when it comes to getting public safety and AHJ approvals. Need resources specifically for your needs? Access them here

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For Contractors

Sometimes you run into situations where great support matters. From manuals, to easy and quick contact options, MaxiForce is there for you before, during, and after the install process.

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For Life Safety

You don’t care about bollards…you care about saving lives. MaxiForce understands that time is precious in your line of work, and that’s why we worked tirelessly to create the only bollard that allows you to get through without wrenching, lifting, or waiting for assistance from the bollard owner.

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For End-Users

You aren’t just working with a bollard. You’re working with an experience. Easy to follow installation manuals, great post purchase support, on-time delivery promises, and a range of product options are right at your fingertips.

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