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MaxiForce Fixed (MF) Bollard, Std. Rectangular (S) Body, None (N) Operated, Standard Style 1 (SS1) Head, No (N) Base, 3"x6" Pipe Size, Mild Carbon Steel Material

This unit is MaxiForce's Fixed Standard (rectangular) Style Bollard. The fixed units match the operable models in style, appearance and finish. These units are mounted directly in the ground with no base unit required. The head may be removed for filling the bollard with concrete then re-attached for a normal appearance with the increased strength and mass. This unit includes a Standard Style 1 Head.


A Standard Style 1 Head has a 1" reveal or recess above the bollard body creating a unique look (see images to the right). All MaxiForce bollard heads designed for use with the collapsible line of products are removable, and thereby interchangeable.


note: there is no base provided with this model

Product kit parts

QTY(1) -  Fixed Standard Rectangular Body (MFSN)
QTY(1) -  Standard Style 1 Head (SS1)
QTY(1) -  No Base (N)


Lead time: 2-3 Weeks

Height: 32" (81.28 cm)
Ground Clearance: N/A

Bollard Weight: 61 lbs (27.67 kg)
Base Weight: N/A
Assembly Weight: 61 lbs (27.67 kg)