MaxiForce offers a variety of bollard accessories to modify and enhance your bollard installation. We also offer many replacement parts to aid you with the operation and maintenance of the bollards. From release inserts to reflective tape, you’ll find everything you need to customize, upgrade, and maintain your bollards, while fulfilling your specific requirements.

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MaxiForce accessories and replacement parts

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MaxiForce Collapsible Bollard

Release Inserts

MaxiForce collapsible bollard release inserts are available in four versions: standard, heavy-duty, steel, and non-breakaway. These various inserts provide you with choices to suit the operational needs and the particular conditions of your location. All MaxiForce collapsible bollards come equipped with your choice of release inserts, and the inserts are also available for purchase separately, as replacement parts.

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Standard Insert

The standard insert is an aluminum insert that allows the unit to breakaway in lieu of damaging the bollard. This is the standard release insert provided with a MaxiForce collapsible bollard if no other type is requested.


Heavy-Duty Insert

The heavy-duty insert is a heavier aluminum insert that allows the unit to breakaway in lieu of damaging the bollard. This insert is designed to offer more resistance than the standard insert, making it more difficult to breakaway.


Steel Insert

The steel insert requires a more substantial force to breakaway the unit than the two aluminum inserts.


Non-Breakaway Insert

The non-breakaway insert is a steel insert, which removes the breakaway capability of the bollard and will likely cause damage to both the bollard and the vehicle if struck.


Bollard Lifting Handles

MaxiForce bollard lifting handles can be attached to almost any MaxiForce bollard. The handles can be used to support bike parking or to assist in the easy and safe manual lifting of MaxiForce Removable Bollards. Handles are available in different sizes and locations, based on your needs.

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Hydrant Wrenches

The MaxiForce branded cast aluminum hydrant wrench is designed to fit our standard hydrant nut (1-3/8”). We include one wrench with every 10 wrench operated bollards in an order (collapsible or removable).

Additional wrenches are available for purchase.

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Eye Hooks

Eye hooks allow you to fasten connecting chains to bollard surfaces in order to manage vehicles and pedestrian access. Eye hooks are welded to the body of the bollard and can be located anywhere on the bollard, based on your individual requirements.

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Reflective Tape

High Intensity Reflective Tape, providing enhanced visibility of your bollards, is available for application on all MaxiForce bollard models. The tape is available in various colors and widths, upon request.

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Double Sided Locking Pin

All padlockable MaxiForce bollards feature a one-sided locking pin as a standard (allows for attaching a single padlock). For padlock operated units where more than one lock is required, MaxiForce offers a double sided locking pin. This allows for two padlocks to be used on each unit. One lock is typically keyed for the end-user and the other is keyed for either a separate end-user group or local authorities.

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Hydrant Nuts

MaxiForce wrench operated bollards (collapsible or removable) are equipped with our standard 1-⅜” hydrant nut. Other sizes of hydrant nuts are available, upon request.

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One Sided Locking Pin

All padlock operated MaxiForce collapsible bollards feature a one-sided locking pin as a standard (allows for attaching a single padlock). This locking pin is used to secure the bollard body to the base.

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1” Pivot Bolt

All MaxiForce collapsible bollards come equipped with four 1” pivot bolts. The stainless steel bolts are used to attach the pivot block of the bollard to the base and also to attach the bollard body to the pivot block.

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