MaxiForce offers a variety of bollard accessories to modify and enhance your bollard installation. We also offer many replacement parts to aid you with the operation and maintenance of the bollards. From release inserts to reflective tape, you’ll find everything you need to customize, upgrade, and maintain your bollards, while fulfilling your specific requirements.

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Release Inserts

MaxiForce collapsible bollard release inserts are available in four versions: standard, heavy-duty, steel, and non-breakaway. These various inserts provide you with choices to suit the operational needs and the particular conditions of your location.


Hydrant Nuts

MaxiForce wrench operated bollards (collapsible or removable) are equipped with our standard 1-⅜” hydrant nut. Other sizes of hydrant nuts are available, upon request.


Hydrant Wrenches

The MaxiForce branded cast aluminum hydrant wrench is designed to fit our standard hydrant nut (1-3/8”). We include one wrench with every 10 wrench operated bollards in an order (collapsible or removable).


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We offer a variety of accessories and spare parts available in our online store. Please access your account to browse the complete catalog.


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