The Three Things You Must Have
in a Collapsible

  • Collapsing without replacement. What good is a bollard which has to be replaced if collapsed in an Emergency? MaxiForce Collapsibles are the ONLY bollards that can be pushed over without damaging the bollard or its foundation. Just replace a small, inexpensive insert and you’re back in business.
  • Thoughtful Design. A collapsible bollard should be easy to use, look great, and blend perfectly with its surroundings. Our collapsible bollards DO.
  • Integrity. A collapsible bollard should be made from the right materials with the right technologies. Ours are based on the best technology available and are proudly made in the USA.

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  • The best of bollard functionality and design
  • Patented breakaway feature allowing emergency access and easy and quick post repair
  • Unlocks and folds down quickly
  • Once collapsed the bollard body is only 3-5/8" off the ground, allowing vehicles to pass over easily
  • Folds up and re-locks rapidly
  • Three different head style options
  • Available in over 80 colors & finishes
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