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Every decision you make is an experience for someone else, and that means choosing the right bollards can be a Complicated task – especially considering the number of choices available on the market.

MaxiForce offers an extensive range of more than 50 standard bollard solutions. In addition, we are capable of customizing products to make them fully compliant with your individual needs. Before choosing your bollard solution we advise you to consider carefully what you expect from your bollard.

Here are MaxiForce’s five tips
on how to choose the Right Bollard Solution:


1. Material

Consider what kind of material will make your bollard durable enough, but also complement the landscape of your project. Generally, bollards are available in a range of raw or engineered materials. These tend to include timber, concrete, steel, and polymer. MaxiForce bollards are manufactured primarily from high quality, US certified steel, which guarantees great durability, functionality, and design. In addition, they come in a wide variety of colors and finishes to ensure a perfect blend into your project and landscape.


2. Functionality

Consider what the bollard’s main function will be and where it will be installed. Would you like to improve the security around a building? Or do you require a bollard solution to manage traffic flows? Do you need to provide immediate access to more secure areas for first responders? Whatever the purpose you want to serve, we have a model designed to meet your individual needs.


3. Design

Aesthetics is an important factor when picking the best style of bollards for a given application. Consider if you would prefer a traditional, heritage design or if you would like to achieve a more modern look. Your bollards should complement your landscape and blend in with the surrounding buildings – that’s why we’ve made MaxiForce bollards available in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and colors, ready to accommodate your design requirements.


4. Value for Money

When choosing a bollard make sure you consider the most cost-effective long-term solution. Some materials offer much greater value for money and lower lifecycle costs than other options. MaxiForce products offer easy installation and repair, and relatively low maintenance costs.


5. Reputable Quality

When you’ve made your final decision on the bollard type you want to purchase, make sure your bollards are manufactured by a trustworthy provider. Check if the provider offers after-sale assistance. When you choose MaxiForce, you can rely on the quality of our products and our unparalleled support experience.


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