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MaxiForce Bollards are a super-functional, cost-effective, and flexible
barrier solution, which can meet all your traffic control requirements.
Choose the model that best suits your needs.

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Accessories & Parts

  • Double Sided Locking Pin

    All padlockable MaxiForce bollards feature a one-sided locking pin as a standard…

  • Hydrant Nuts

    MaxiForce wrench operated bollards (collapsible or removable)..

  • Hydrant Wrench

    The MaxiForce branded cast aluminum hydrant wrench is designed..

  • One Sided Locking Pin

    All padlock operated MaxiForce collapsible bollards feature a one-sided locking pin…

  • Pivot Bolt

    All MaxiForce collapsible bollards come equipped with four 1” pivot bolts.

  • Release Inserts

    MaxiForce collapsible bollard release inserts are available..

  • Star Barriers

Note: The Universal Base is no longer part of our portfolio, but it is still available upon request

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