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This unit is MaxiForce’s Collapsible Standard (rectangular) Style Wrench Operated Bollard. It is operated by a patented fire hydrant wrench operation that works with most standard fire hydrant wrenches by turning the hydrant nut 1/4 turn to unlock and lower the bollard (1-3/8″ nut standard; others available).

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This unit is MaxiForce’s Collapsible Standard (rectangular) Style Padlock Operated Bollard. It is operated by removing the padlock and then removing a locking pin that passes through the bottom of the bollard body (2-sided locking pins available).

Product Kit

Line: Collapsibles
Model: MCSP-SS1-EZ
Opearation: Padlock
Head Style: Std. Style 1
Body Style: Std. Rectangular
Base Style: Easy


Lead time: 2-3 Weeks
Height: 32″ (81.28 cm)
Ground Clearance: 3.625″ (9.2075 cm)
Bollard Weight: 45 lbs (20.41 kg)
Base Weight: 5 lbs (2.27 kg)
Assembly Weight: 50 lbs (22.68 kg)


Prime Painted

All bollards come powder coated unless a prime painted unit is preferred. This is typically for customers who plan to apply wet paint to units in the field.

Zinc Rich Primer

A zinc rich powder coated primer can be applied to any unit prior to the finish coat. This adds a high level of protection from rust and is more cost effective than galvanizing.


For the ultimate in corrosion protection, any of our products can be hot dipped galvanized after fabrication. A final powder coated surface is then applied.

Reflective Tape

For extra visibility reflective tape can be added to any bollard. Tape is offered in many colors, shapes and sizes and can be shipped with the product or factory applied.

Additional Bollard Length

This unit can have extra height added to the body if site or project specifications require it.

Eye Hook

A single link can be welded onto the bollard to accept locking a chain or cable in between bollards or from bollards to other structures. Multiple links may be added to each unit.

Double Sided Locking Bolt

For collapsible padlock operated units where more than one lock is required, MaxiForce offers a double sided locking pin. This allows for two padlocks to be used on each unit. One lock is typically keyed for the end user and the other is keyed for either a separate end user group or local authorities. Both groups can then gain access without the sharing of keys.

P-150 HD Aluminum Insert

With a higher breaking strength than the standard aluminum insert, the P-150 is the medium strength insert.

P-151 HD Steel Insert

The steel insert is for users who need maximum breaking strength from their breakaway unit. The steel insert requires the most force for the bollard to breakaway.

P-152 Non-Breakaway Insert

This option allows for the break-away feature to be removed from a collapsible unit if only manual use is required. NOTE: If a unit with P-152 inserts in it is struck by a vehicle, both the bollard and the vehicle will be damaged from the impact.

About the unit

Once the pin is removed the bollard unit will lay down or collapse. Once collapsed the bollard body is only 3-5/8″ off the ground easily allowing vehicles to pass over. To relock, you simply lift the unit back to its upright position, reinsert the locking pin and place the padlock back in place. All MaxiForce Collapsible Bollards also feature the unique and patented break-away system allowing emergency first responder vehicles to push the unit over when life safety situations arise. This unit includes a Standard Style 1 Head and an EZ Base.

A Standard Style 1 Head has a 1″ reveal or recess above the bollard body creating a unique look (see images to the right). All MaxiForce bollard heads designed for use with the collapsible line of products are removable, and thereby interchangeable.

The EZ Base is designed for the Collapsible Bollard units only and will not work with other models. This Base has a 3″ x 6″ top plate that matches the profile of the bollard body. The EZ Base is designed for use in existing concrete where cutting and removing concrete is not a viable option. This base is also useful when shallow mounting is required due to underground encumbrances or for use in PT (post tension) slabs. The stronger P-151 steel release insert and the P-152 non-breakaway insert are not recommended for use with the EZ Base.

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