• The best of bollard durability and design
  • Concrete reinforceable, for additional weight and strength
  • Available in diameters from 3” through 10”
  • Wide variety of styles and colors to match all other MaxiForce bollard lines
  • Ten different head style options
  • Custom lengths, materials, and wall thicknesses available upon request
  • Engineered to meet a variety of crash and impact ratings. Please, contact us to share your specific requirements.

Product Portfolio

  • MFRN-RS1-N5



  • MFRN-RS2-N5



  • MFSN-SS1-N



  • MFSN-SS2-N



  • MFSN-SS3-N



  • MFRN-RS3-N3




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Convenient Installation


Fixed Installation

MaxiForce Fixed Bollards are produced as single, factory-complete units that are delivered completely assembled. The fixed bollards are installed directly into the ground without the need for a mounting base.


Reinforced Installation

Some MaxiForce Fixed Bollard head options are removable, allowing the units to be concrete-filled for additional weight and strength when the installation calls for it. Once filled, the bollard heads can be reinstalled, covering the concrete filling and restoring the bollard’s original aesthetics.

Easy Installation

MaxiForce Fixed Bollards do not require the use of bases for installation purposes. The MaxiForce Fixed Bollards are installed directly into a concrete foundation.



Multiple Head Styles

The MaxiForce Fixed line of bollards offers ten head style options: seven head styles for the round body bollards and three head styles for the rectangular body bollards, as shown. Head styles are available in bolt on and welded on styles. All bolt on styles are removable and interchangeable. *Note: Head style options vary based on bollard diameter.

Durable Fixed Body

All MaxiForce Fixed Bollards feature a durable, fixed body that is engineered and manufactured to last. Bollard bodies are available in rectangular shape, and in round sizes ranging from 3” up to 10”. Custom lengths and wall thicknesses are available upon request.


Wide Variety

MaxiForce Fixed Bollards offer numerous customization options – from the shape and size of the body to the color and final finish of the bollard.

Standard Colors TIGER drylac

Apart from our standard colors,
MaxiForce bollards are available in over
80 colors & finishes.

  • High-Reflective
  • Safety Yellow
  • Black Semigloss
  • Silver
  • Roman Bronze
  • Black Matte
  • Bengal
    Light Grey
  • Bengal Black
  • Black Fine


Rectangular Fixed Bollard Standard Height: 32’’ above finished surface
Round Fixed Bollard Body Standard Height: 36’’ above finished surface (head styles add additional height)

MaxiForce Fixed Bollards are available in custom sizes according to your needs.

For more information about custom orders, please contact us at:

[email protected]

Typical Applications

  • Crowd or building protection
  • Storefronts
  • Sidewalks
  • Permanent utility protection
  • Office buildings
  • Educational facilities
  • Playgrounds & parks
  • Military & Government facility
    & more



All MaxiForce products, material content and
manufacturing processes are in compliance
with industry codes, standards, and
performance-based measures.

In addition, we always offer a complimentary consultation service that supports your LEED certification efforts.

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