• Superior functionality, flexibility, and design
  • Much lighter than typical removable bollards while providing the same visual deterrence
  • Can match the siteline of surrounding fixed bollards
  • Unlocks and removes quickly and easily
  • Available in both padlocked and fire hydrant wrench operated versions
  • Bollard body can be removed leaving a flush surface that won’t catch on equipment such as street sweepers or snow plows
  • Multiple head style options
  • Available in round or rectangular body styles
  • Available in a wide selection of powder coat colors and finishes
  • MRRW-RS2-R

  • MRSP-SS1-R

  • MRSP-SS2-R

  • MRRP-RS1-R

  • MRRP-RS2-R

  • MRSW-SS1-R

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Easy operation


Operated Bollard

Ideal for locations requiring traffic control while allowing designated vehicles to quickly pass with the use of a fire hydrant wrench. The standard hydrant nut is a 5-sided AWWA nut matching fire hydrant wrenches carried by most emergency first responders. (Other nut styles are available.)


Standard Padlock
Operated Bollard

Ideal for designated locations where traffic control is required and only authorized vehicles and personnel with the appropriate key may unlock the bollard and pass through.


Removable Base

MaxiForce Light Removable Bollards feature a removable base to fit installation requirements. The Removable Base is designed for our light removable bollard units only and will not work with other models. This base has an 8″ x 8″ top plate that matches the length of a standard brick and many other commonly used pavers.



Choice of Head Styles

The MaxiForce Light Removable line of bollards offers five head style options: two head styles for the round body bollards and three head styles for the rectangular body bollards, as shown. All bollard heads are easily removable and interchangeable.

Easily Removable Body

While offering light security, the MaxiForce Light Removable Bollard also allows authorized personnel to move the unit easily when needed. The bollards only need to be lifted 8” to remove them from their bases completely. Once the body is removed, it leaves a flush surface that won’t catch on equipment such as street sweepers or snow plows.


Wide Variety

MaxiForce Light Removable Bollards offer numerous customization options – from the shape and size of the body, to the color and final finish of the bollard.

Standard Colors TIGER drylac

Apart from our standard colors,
MaxiForce bollards are available in over
80 colors & finishes.

  • High-Reflective
  • Safety Yellow
  • Black Semigloss
  • Silver
  • Roman Bronze
  • Black Matte
  • Bengal
    Light Grey
  • Bengal Black
  • Black Fine


Standard Height: 28”-32” above finished
surface (varies by choice of head style)

MaxiForce Light Removable Bollards are available in custom sizes according to your needs.

For more information about custom orders, please contact us at:

[email protected]

Typical Applications

  • Areas needing limited access
  • Temporary road & alleyway closures
  • Office buildings
  • Apartments / residential areas
  • School grounds
  • College campuses
  • Playgrounds & parks
  • Shopping centers
    & more



All MaxiForce products, material content and
manufacturing processes are in compliance
with industry codes, standards, and
performance-based measures.

In addition, we always offer a complimentary consultation service that supports your LEED certification efforts.

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